ZUMA women's BJJ winning GOLD!

Momo And Lyndsie win IBJJF Gold.

Momo And Lyndsie win IBJJF Gold.

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poor pinky!!!!!!

Not only did Momo head down to Portland to compete in her first ibjjf tournament by herself, she stepped on those mats and 53 seconds later her opponent was tapping to an armbar! Then Lyndsie took a flight to Houston and wow what a STRESSFUL two days getting to the podium! From late planes, to driving to the WRONG CITY at midnight then lastly, being told I couldn’t compete because of my belt and having to find someone to lend me theirs. However, it all worked out in the end and won the final match with a super clean wrestling throw! Thank you ZUMATEAM. 1 min into my first match, my finger felt funny and I noticed it was tangled in my opponents’ Gi. Once I got my finger free I knew there was something REALLY wrong with my pinky finger but thank goodness for adrenaline! I was able to compete in all 4 matches with 3 wins and 1 loss to get 1st place in my weight division and 2nd place in the Open weight division. Flew back from Houston Texas and headed straight to VGH to get this finger fixed. Yay “free” healthcare 😉