What most students of our Women’s Only Kickboxing class will tell you generally revolves around two ideas:(1) ZUMA’s Kickboxing System is awesome for muscle toning, particularly in the arms and legs, while getting you into top shape; and (2) because the kickboxing classes change daily in techniques and routine, they break up the monotony of those repetitive aerobics classes.

Our goal-oriented program will help you get into great shape! The program will teach you how to stretch, hold your guard and use pads. You will really learn to push yourself, and have so much fun, some claim it’s addictive. With our special Thai Kickboxing drills you will learn functional skills and increase your fitness level and self-confidence, improve your concentration, and meet lots of great new people.

Classes ranging in level from beginner to more advanced run throughout the week. No matter which class you attend, you will be participating with awesome people and having fun! During every class you will learn how to stretch and prevent injury while working up a great sweat. We provide the motivation, equipment and fun; all you have to do is show up.